This I Believe proposal

Topic: I believe that regardless of your wealth or status, you should always treat everyone like your equal. I will explore what equality and fairness actually mean to me and to society; and explain why just because someone may have money or power, that they are better or more deserving than other people.

Current event connection: We see in the news so many examples of discrimination based on money and status. Unequal treatment is so common these days. Schools in Baltimore get no heating or air conditioning, but if that happened in Annapolis or Severna Park (wealthier areas), people would absolutely not stand for it. The 1% rules the country while everyone else struggles.

Connection to my life: I wait tables, and I have had so many older people says awful things to me like, “do you plan on slinging food for the rest of your life?” They don’t know I’m in school, and hoping to start my Master’s program next year. They just assume I’m uneducated because I served them their burger.

I will do research on a dictionary definition of equality and compare it to how people in society define equality (through news stories and current events).

I will make a script compiling my evidence and personal accounts.