SSR #3

Sara McKay
English 300
May 10, 2018

Summary & Synthesis Report #3

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Writing Prompts

  1. The use of pleasure as a rationale to distract or shut down civic engagement on an issue is quite prevalent. Work with your group to locate a situation that featured this phenomena and describe it.
    A major issue in the like vs dislike argument of academic discourse is the issue of students in classrooms of all levels dismissing a literary work because they don’t like it. A student will refuse to see the greater merit of the work or very likely won’t read the work because they don’t enjoy it of they find the subject matter to be heavy handed and unapproachable. Many students won’t read Hamlet, or Heart of Darkness and see all the important themes of the work and the big philosophical ideas that the work addresses.  
  2.  Describe an instance where you have seen the emotion of a speaker treated as a reason to dismiss their argument.One context in which emotion has been used as an easy dismissal for an argument has been in reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement. Conservatives have largely regarded the initiative as a nuisance, and have viewed the anger of BLM protesters towards the police force with derision. The protests are full of frustration built up from years of reports detailing police brutality against African Americans. The violence against Black citizens has been explosive, so it’s understandable that so, too, would be the response. However, this anger has all too often been dismissed as unjustified. The appearance of rival slogans such as “Blue lives matter” and “All lives matter” carry the implicit message that the protesters are wrong to be frustrated with what is happening to black lives.
  3. Describe an instance were you’ve seen difficult standards of proof used as a smokescreen to prevent honest engagement with an argument.
    There are people that make fun of feminists, and say no one needs feminism. Oftentimes these people claim that they have never needed feminism. They use their personal experiences, or non-experiences, as a standard of proof to dispute the need for it. Many women would feel the opposite; that they have needed feminism, and continue to need it. There is no denying that globally feminism is needed, so even if one person in the United States claims to not have ever had an experience where they would have benefited from feminism, the fact still remains that there are women being attacked, forced into marriage, raped, sexually coerced, etc. all over the world.